Free personal Ukrainian domain name application

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Rationale for the PP.UA domain: The abbreviation "PP" means "person" or "private person".The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● Information about registered domains is publicly available through the Whois protocol or the Dig.Ua website.The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● The field can be composed of Latin letters and numbers. Hyphens are allowed, but not the beginning or end of the domain name (excluding "").The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● The number of characters in the .PP.UA domain is limited to 63 characters (excluding "" characters), and the minimum domain length is 3 characters (excluding "" characters).The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● Only certified registrars can work with registries, and registrars do not charge subscription and transaction fees.The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● Registrars have the right to register domain names free of charge and free of charge. In the case of paid registration, payment is for the registrar's services and not for the use of the domain name.The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

● The domain is registered but not delegated until the domain administrator (registrant) confirms the domain registration by entering a code on the .PP.UA website. When registering a domain as an SMS message, the code is sent to the domain administrator on the specified phone.The article originates fromSinsTu NI-

Registration address: article originates fromSinsTu NI-

Search for the domain name you wantThe article originates fromSinsTu NI-

contain БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ ДОМЕН is a free domain nameThe article originates fromSinsTu NI-

When filling in the Whois information, fill in the real mobile phone number and email address.Others can be made up

After registration is completed it is

The phone number in the Contact information must be registered with Telegram in order to activate the domain name.

After registration, enter the backend Domains list and you will see that the registered domain name is pending activation.

Open Telegram, enter @ppuabot ( ) and authorize the phone number to it. Click  Activate domain, enter your domain name (excluding http/www) and agree to's policy to activate it.

Finally, go to the backend to change the NS.

DNS can be customized after activation

Note: A mobile phone number can only register 3 domain names a month

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