Is it necessary to turn off the quick startup of Windows 11 computer?

Windows 10 adds a new feature: Quick Start

According to Microsoft, fast startup can effectively improve the startup speed. The principle of fast startup is not complicated. That is, when shutting down, the system kernel-related modules and drivers are written to the hard disk and stored, and they are loaded directly at the next startup, which naturally speeds up the startup speed. However, the costs of such opportunism include but are not limited to the possibility of losing files, the possibility of not being able to shut down and automatically restart, the possibility of driver incompatibility, restarting not being able to solve general problems and other unexpected bugs.

Turn off quick start method

The first step is to open the control panel

Step 2: Change the query mode in the upper right corner to a small icon and click Power Options

Step 3 Select the function of the power button on the left side

Step 4: Click above to change currently unavailable settings, and disable fast startup in the shutdown settings below.

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